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There are some relationships that are so dysfunctional that they can literally cause us to be spiritually, mentally, and physically sick. Some relationships can be so toxic that it can corrode our financial, social and intellectual standing. The Word of God is clear about the power of association concerning our relationships. If you associate with wise men you will be wise Pro , if you associate with angry men you will be angry Pro , and if you associate with fools, well….

Pro The 5 Types of Relationships There are basically five categories of people you relate to in your life in reference to who you are: a. Adders People who after you interact with them they leave you feeling better about yourself or your situation. It could be through positive words or maybe just a radiating smile. Subtractors These are people who always have some issue or drama brewing in their life and usually they try to pull you in it. Multipliers These are people that expand your capacity to believe. Their positive interaction stimulates you to see life bigger than you are actually living it causing you to dream and pursue those dreams.

Dividers These are people who diminish your capacity to believe. Their perception of life makes you see things from a sullen perspective. These are acquaintances or place holders in your life that neither add nor subtract from the sum total of who you are.

Remember, anything times zero leaves zero. Classify your relationships and handle them in one or a combination of three ways. Cultivate relationships with the multipliers and adders in your life. Find the time to develop and glean from their experiences and stimulate your imagination through their association.

Regulate relationships with the subtractors and zeros. Finally, if possible c. Eliminate those dividers in your life. Identification and avoidance of the dream killers in your life is the first step to finding out who is the matter with you. I want to look at a couple of scriptures that support it. But before we look at the scriptural foundation for this principle, I would like to debunk what the Law of Attraction is not. Not quite. Sowing and reaping requires a physical action as a seed before you can receive or expect to receive a harvest. The Law of Attraction is activated purely from the thoughts in your mind and the meditations of your heart.

It requires no physical activity, however it can be enhanced by it. The Law of Attraction is not part of the Gnostic Gospel doctrine. Anyway the Gnosticism is part of the teaching that Peter warns against in 2 Peter The premise of Gnosticism is that salvation is obtained through knowledge not Christ. This false doctrine teaches us revelation liberates us from this material world to be in sync with the spirit.

You see this promoted in the popular movie The Davinchi Code. Solomon was telling us that literally everything we have or will have comes from our heart. The heart has several Hebrew translations, but the word used here is best described as the souls desire and imagination. This infers that the thoughts that occupy the majority of our thinking gets manifested in our lives.

What you think about the most will show up in your life. We were designed to gravitate to our most dominant thought. In other words, there is a pull, an attraction, to the things that occupy our mental real estate.

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He basically said they will speak from the abundance of the heart. We also get the English word psyche from this word. Again it refers to our mind and the dominant thoughts harbored in them. Then God changed Abrams name from Abram, which means fatherless; to Abraham which means father of many.

From that moment on every time he saw the stars or he heard his name, all he could think about were his descendants. Nine months later at the ripe old age of , he had Isaac. The Law of Attraction is a powerful tool for faith and success in life. Here, I want to look at it from a Christian point of view. Like it or not, it is a time tested spiritual law that is working in your life. To ease the struggle you must seek to understand exactly what the law of attraction is and how it works. Proper Perspective The proper perspective for Christians to have of the Law of Attraction is that it is a spiritual law — nothing more, nothing less.

It has no moral affiliation. It is not a religion, a cult, or a money making scheme. Like the Law of Association, Law of Sowing and Reaping, and the Law of Sin if you learn how to operate in it your life will be the better. Laws are Impartial They work for whoever will work them, and usually against whoever will not! We should see the Law of Attraction as another tool that God has given us to fulfill His will on this earth and in our life.

Christians should have the mindset of being spiritual lawyers. Just like an Attorney will study the laws of the court, and a Scientist will study the Laws of Physics, we should seek to understand the concepts of every spiritual law as it relates to the Word. We should also be able to recognize them in action and articulate them clearly.

As a result, many of them are living the life of wealth and prosperity that God has intended for His people. Recognize the New Age Influence Because the Law of Attraction is promoted so heavily by New Age religions and worldly philosophies, there is a danger that you should be aware of.

In your quest for understanding, it is inevitable that you will run into teachings that are contrary to the Word. Satan will twist the Word and worldly concepts to sow seeds of deception and doubt in the believer. Keep your heart guarded by maintaining the following 3 principles: 1 Jesus is Lord and there is no other. I know I just said this in a previous post, but it bears repeating.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a self help gospel. His commands and warnings are not suggestions to be adhered to if desired. You must keep the Word first and submit everything else to That will include making sacrifices for His kingdom, abstaining from sin, and preaching the gospel. Faith uses the Law of Attraction to bring to us those desires that God puts in our hearts. Likewise greed uses it to bring what Satan has put in our heart about money. Lust uses it to bring what is in our hearts about sex, etc.

You get the picture. Your job is to learn how to use the tool properly. You should be intentional about what you put in your mind and heart because aware of it or not, it most likely activates the law of attraction. Never think you are through with change, life is a process of constant change. He discovered that no human being is ever finished with change; we are always in one state of change or another.

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The reason is because the wisdom of God is many sided and it will take eternity to exhaust the divine capacities He has put in us in Christ. In everything in life, be it career, marriage, ministry, education, sports etc.

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It is said that life comes in phases and men in sizes. It is the deception of the devil for you to think that you have reached the pinnacle of change in any area of your life. The human mind is like an elastic band, the more you stretch it the more effective it becomes. The more pliable you are to positive change the faster your personal development will be. So sit down and carry out a personal assessment of how quick you are to respond to positive change or how slow you are to respond to it.

Find out if you are rigid or flexible. Remember a person has to be first honest with himself before he can be honest with others. A person who is not honest with him or herself is a hopeless case. The God kind of change is from one level of positive change to another level of positive change and not always a change from negative to positive.

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Some are of the opinion that change should always be from negative to positive but the God kind of change is meant to be from one level of positive change to another level of positive change. From experience I have observed that most people do well when the change required is from a bad situation to a good situation because the negative situation is uncomfortable and puts immense pressure on the individual to find a way of escape by all means. But in Christ, the major part of our Christian life is programmed to be from one level of glory positive change to glory another level of positive change.

I have also observed that most Christians fall back and fail mostly in this area of one level of positive change to another because of the spirit of complacency and probably forgetting the purpose and value of lifelong personal development. Constant development is required in every area, spiritual, physical, mental etc. I have taken it upon myself to do more physical exercise now than before to keep my body fit for what I have to do and to be healthy. I have dedicated a special time to fellowship with God daily in order to strengthen my relationship with Him.

I read new materials every week to develop my mental awareness towards current issues. Most things I am learning today are not because I am in trouble or because I want a breakthrough but because I want to stay above and remain in charge of things in the ever-changing environment we live in. Friend, success is never ending; you are meant to live from one level of glory to another level of glory.

So, programme yourself for continuity in your journey of personal development. Further reading - Psalm , 1Corinthians , Hebrews , 2Corinthains Everyone knows that nobody gets to the top of Mount Everest by accident except by deliberate action. In this regard, personal development is the outcome of a deliberate act of taking responsibility. Years ago when I got the call into ministry I saw that the assignment that God gave me was enormous.

Even though I am anointed, I knew and accepted the fact that I lacked the required skills and training to pull off an excellent job by myself and that, without relevant development, I could not get the job done. So I took it upon myself to find a practising minister in the area of my calling that I would have access to his materials and ministry.

I began to think and ask myself what I needed to operate a successful ministry apart from money. Every time I met with him I asked questions. Note — I have never asked for money for ministry from him. I took careful note of what he said and adjusted the information to my ministry to meet the needs of the people that God sent me. I have continued this process for years and I have also increased my information sources as I make new discoveries. It takes a lot of effort, sacrifice, time and determination but it pays a great dividend every time.

When I got to Ireland one of my first actions was to find a body that represented town planners in Ireland and join them in order to be accredited. I enquired what I could do to meet their requirements and was told I would have to embark on another degree that was accredited by them. I did and I finally got my accreditation four years later. Years later, I discovered that if I had not gotten the accreditation I would have lost an opportunity for promotion and possibly my current employment.

I am a lifelong student and I always have a desire to learn things that will improve my skill in my field of endeavour, be it ministry, marriage, planning or anything that will position for me for greatness. The 3 Ways to take Responsibility a. Take Time To Study From the above scripture, one of the ways to avoid shame and degradation in your life is to study.

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You need references to become a reference. Every teacher was first a student. There is no born teacher, there are only trained teachers. Be a master at it. Be Diligent Another tool of responsibility is diligence. You need to do things with care and effort not anyhow. Be known as a diligent person in all you do. Take notes because what you do not record you cannot retrieve. Paul the Apostle in the above scripture placed a great value on note taking and keeping. Value notes, keep them and go over them again. You cannot be crowned a victor folding your hands. Remember, we are commanded to watch and pray not to pray only.

But you may not have a clear picture of what this looks like and how to become a fully alive person. To become like Jesus is the most important goal of our lives! We need a map to guide our journey. The life of Jesus is our map — he shows us God in human flesh. He fulfilled all righteousness and is the perfect human being. Everything that we would rightly hope to experience and become is seen in Jesus. He is completely holy and healthy as a person.

He is our example. Studying the life of Jesus as Luke reveals it in his Gospel, we see that Jesus experienced and grew through each stage of spiritual and psychological development that is possible for us. We tend to cycle through these stages and may or may not experience the later ones. Luke and 51 Luke They are bodily activities that can engage and effect our whole person Romans This is true for athletes, musicians, plumbers, accountants, and disciples of Jesus.

Effective discipline is not drudgery, it is delightful! Of course, training has difficult aspects, but the hard work pays off to facilitate ease and joy of living. Trying is not enough. Our training is connecting us with a power much greater than our own — the Spirit of God that raised Jesus Christ from the dead! If you can get past headaches and grumpiness when fasting and learn to be sweet and strong without getting the food you need then you can apply this to resisting your compulsive behavior.

Without thinking about it we notice conditions on the road and break when needed. The spiritual life works the same way. We need bodily habits that engage our mind and heart with God. We want to get into a position in our daily lives where we find ourselves meditating on Scripture, praying, or blessing the one who curses us without even having intended to do so.

Using an intelligently designed course of disciplines over time will do that. Jesus grew in grace Luke , 52 and Peter urges us that we must do the same 2 Peter John To grow in the grace of our Lord and Saviour we need to practice some tried and true disciplines from both major categories of disciplines: abstinence self-denial and engagement connecting relationally with God and others.

Using one side without the other will not lead to much growth. Abstinence makes space for deeper engagement with God and others and engagement gives strength to endure the challenges of abstinence.

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There is no complete list! Any activity that helps you to grow your reliance upon the Spirit of Jesus might make your spiritual disciplines list. Here are some main disciplines of abstinence and engagement that have been helpful to Christ-followers over the centuries. Disciplines of Abstinence These are ways of denying ourselves something we want or need in order to make space to focus on and connect with God.

Solitude is completed by silence. Also, not speaking so that we can listen to others and bless them. God designed this for one day a week. We can practice it for shorter periods too. Disciplines of Engagement These are ways of connecting with God and other people, conversing honestly with them in order to love and be loved.

I lead you in engaging and practical ways that you can experiment with these disciplines. Instead of telling you to go do a discipline, I take you by the hand and guide you closer to Christ through Scripture meditations, prayers, and other simple exercises. Increase Your Faith - Be willing to believe that God is real, that He is the Creator, that He loves you and has a great plan for your life.

Believe that ALL things work out for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. Develop Wisdom - Understand that neither your life, nor anything else in this world can work without God and His influence. He has the power to give life and the power to take it away. Never turn away from God. If you turn away, then you are on your own.

Renew Your Spirit - Re-ignite the fire of your faith and devotion to God on a daily basis. Re-establish your communication with God daily and ask for His leadership and guidance. Renew Your Mind - Understand the battlefield of good and evil is your mind. Recognize that you must make a habit of re-setting your mind on godly things, and on your new love-walk of faith. Realize you have authority over your mind, the way you think, and what you think about. Honour Your Body - Have respect for the body that God has given you.

Keep it clean, healthy, and pure. Take your strength and energy, and use it to serve others - not just yourself. Your feelings are the result of how you think. Give God your sadness and He will give you joy. Give God your worries and He will give you peace. Give God your low self- esteem, and He will give you confidence through Christ, your Saviour. Take Responsibility - Learn what God has made you responsible for, and what your part is in carrying on the good fight of faith.

Develop good judgment in your decision-making. Build Right Relationships - The basis of our lives is connected to relationships.

Learn what it means to serve and how you can be a catalyst for positive change in ALL of your relationships. Increase Your Knowledge - Understand that knowledge is power, and study is important. Do no allow yourself to walk through life in ignorance about the things you need to know, in order to prosper, to serve, and to fight the good fight of faith. Discover and Develop Your Talents - Learn what you are good at. Recognize your talents as spiritual gifts from God, that are to be used in service to Him and His people, for His glory.

Learn different ways that God can use you to impact the world and leave an impression that only you can leave, with the unique qualities, capabilities, and strengths that God has given you. This is a cue from discipleship where the disciple need one-on-one with a discipler on regular basis. For the sake of this list, my choices for this section all revolve around books that are more about igniting passion and giving ideas rather than a step-by-step action plan. This list includes, the grandfathers of all self help books, and it also has some of the modern masters of inspiration, education and self-empowerment.

These books all DO have actionable steps to take, you will learn things, but I feel that their true purpose is as inspiration and motivation. If you are looking for a single self-help book that gives you a ton of great ideas on how to improve your life and your success, this would be the one. However, die-hard personal development fans may find some of these ideas to be rehashed versions of ideas they have heard before, not fresh new ideas. The principles are repeated here due to the simple fact that they work! Even if you know all 65 principles before buying the book, I believe it can be an excellent refresher on things you need to do to achieve the success you desire.

It is not optional. Your growth is your vehicle to the future. Your growth determines the level you will get to in life. If you desire success passionately either as a pastor, businessman or woman, student, corporate leader, trader, Church worker, professional, house wife or Church leader, this book is for you. Your personal growth precedes every other growth. Without growth you will become a person of yesterday, abort your greater future and open door for decay. This is a book for everybody.

Think and Grow Rich: Revised and Updated for the 21st Century by Napoleon Hill It could be very easy to think that a book about achieving success written 80 years ago and based on the success principles of men like Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison and Henry Ford would be stale and out of date, like a dry history lesson.

This simply is not true. While there are admittedly parts where you have to substitute modern methods of execution for old fashioned counterparts, the basic principles themselves are based on human nature and just as true today as they were 80 years ago. This book is a classic and for good reason. Over the past 80 years many successful people have read this book and gained from it knowledge and insight that have helped them to achieve their own success.

When a self- improvement book sticks around for as long as this one has, there has to be a reason for its longevity and success. The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale Most people who achieve any degree of success will tell you that attitude is a big part of the success equation. One slight negative is that many people complain because of some of the religious overtones of the book. While Dr. Peale is clearly a faithful Christian, I believe this book has merit for you regardless of personal faith. Just listen to the good advice. Note: some of you may like The Secret. I mean no offense to you in this review.

I believe the only way you get success is to go out and work for it. Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell Outliers takes a scientific look at what it actually takes to achieve success. Para todos.

Specifically addressed are common obstacles to a breakthrough lifestyle—procrastination, negative thought patterns, and passivity. A series of exercises closes each chapter, which makes practical application of biblically based breakthrough principles. Using test study groups of Christians from various backgrounds, his discovery is quite revealing, and he shares it with you. You are skillfully coached through a crash course on pursuing your life purpose and are offered encouragement and practical tools for consistently making the kinds of small changes that yield long-term positive results.

Ver detalles. Marcar como inapropiado. Luke and 51 As an adult he received hospitality from friends. Luke Simeon prophesied that he would be known as the Savior, the light of the world, and a revealer of hearts. Luke He taught with the confident authority of someone who knew from experience the goodness and effectiveness of his teachings. Luke He practiced solitude and silence, fasting, meditation on Scripture, and prayer.

Luke He had a custom as a boy and throughout his adult life of going to the local synagogue to worship God and discuss the Scriptures in community. Luke He practiced early morning prayer and used particular places to pray. Luke ; ; He enjoyed spiritual community with friends. Luke Responsibilities in Ministry serving others As a young man he worked as a carpenter, serving as unto the Lord.

Luke Jesus often withdrew from the crowds that clamored for his attention and went to lonely places to pray. Luke He prayed on a mountain in an all night prayer vigil to discern from God who to choose as his Apostles. Luke He ascended back into the heavenly realms all around us and from here he continues to love and guide us into the Kingdom of God. Luke